I’m currently in the process of making a local desktop app that allows local administrators to put the local server into SCOM Maintenance mode, without access to the SCOM consoles or any powershell knowledge.

During the process I encountered an issue. Every time I imported the OperationsManager module from Powershell, I could not establish a connection to the SCOM Management Group directly from the script – However, manually it went just fine!

$mgmtserver = ‘name of management server fqdn’

Import-Module \\PATH TO OperationsManager Module
New-SCOMManagementGroupConnection -Computername

This is an example of the code in the script, but every time i ran the code – I received the “The Data Access service is either not running or not yet initialized. I tried alot of different stuff to fix it, and I felt like I just kept banging my head against the wall until I found a blogpost regarding a network load balancer through powershell…

Import-Module \\PATH TO OperationsManager Module
Start-OperationsManagerClientShell -managementServerName “servername”

When running this code, the connection to SCOM was established, and I could start running SCOM cmdlets.

I this can help, or atleast save you all from banging your head against the wall.


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