After a few months of testing, I am ready to release the next version of the Maintenance Mode Desktop Application. I’ve updated the method used to stop the maintenance mode, and I’ve changed some start-up scripts.

There are still some bugs in this version, and on some systems that I’ve tested this on – the start of the application is VERY slow… I am of course working on a fix for this.

There was a bug in the previous version that would “forget” to remove some objects from maintenance mode – This has been fixed as I mentioned. This will add a delay, and a check to see if all objects are removed from maintenance mode – so pressing “Stop” will take abit longer time than the previous version.

Version number has been raised to 0.5a since 0.4a was internal testing. The application is still alpha, and will be changed to beta when the “rights” issue has been solved.

Todo list:

Progress bar when starting/stopping maintenance mode
Loading bar when opening the application (Splash screen)
“Access rights issue”
Maintenance Mode History
Current connected Management Group status
Better logging
Better error handling
Faster loading


If you have any requests, I am willing to listen to any suggestions you might have.

Download link


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