It’s been a while since my last update, but lets face it… its summer, and most of the co-workers have been away from work, and they are those who inspire me to create new management packs for Operations Manager.

So I thought that I would use this post to give you all a short description of all the management packs that I’ve create for the community.

Here’s the list:

Reboot Server With Password Prompt
This Agent Task will reboot a server, but will prompt you for your username & password before the server is rebooted. If you don’t have rights to reboot the server, the task will fail.

Generate test Alert (event id 666)
Ever needed to test if a certain server generates alerts? Or a certain subscription is working? This is the pack for you.. It enables monitoring on event id 666, and will generate an alert on the server it was run from.

Free Disk Space
There is a ton of these management packs out there, but I’ve tailored this to suit as many peoples need as possible. This will list the deviceID (drive letter), the total size (in GB), the free size (in GB) and the percentage available space left on the drive(s).

List Installed Software
Pretty self explanatory, but theres room for improvement on this management pack.. Install date, installed by ect.

List Stopped Services with Automatic Startup
I was inspired to create this by a client of mine who had an issue with some automatic services stopping, and they wanted to be able to see on demand which services stopped on a given server. This Agent task allowed them to do so.

List Scheduled Tasks
This Agent Task lists all scheduled tasks on a given server, sorting them by their last run time.

List Host- & LMHost file Entrys
Self explanatory.. and quite useful in some troubleshooting cases.

Windows Activation Status
Has the server been activated? This Agent Task will let you know!

TSM Backup – View dsm.opt from console
View the entries of the dsm.opt directly from your SCOM console.

View Listening RDP port
What port is being used for RDP on a given server? This Agent task has the answer!

Show logged on users
Shows who has logged on to the server – This Agent Task is also subject to change in the future… When did the user log on? How log has the user been idle and so on….

I will be creating more freely available Management Packs/Agent Tasks in the future, if you have any requests feel free to throw a comment on this post, and I will get back to you.

I will also be updating the Maintenance Mode App during the fall, to correct the known bugs that was listed in the release post. Stay tuned!


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