A few days ago I wrote a post about a new app in the making. I am now ready to share some more information about a release date and new features. As you can read from the title, I’ve called this app “AlertMate”. Since my post I’ve had a test release sent out to a couple servers who had no links to SCOM other than a SCOM Agent monitoring them..

After testing and testing and testing, I changed it so the icon changes form when ever a the server gets an alert, here are two examples of the change:

The left picture is clearly if the server has an alert, and the right one is with no alerts on the server.

If you have read my previous post, you might see that I’ve changed the normal “no alerts” icon to a standard SCOM icon which is also on the changelist for the application.


After installing the MSI installer the folder structure is currently looking like this. It is in my thoughts to make the structure more organised, but for now this will do until the product is released.

Another nice little feature on the app is that if you (preferably) put the program into auto start on your server, the program will start for any user who has access rights within SCOM. If a user tries to start the program without any SCOM rights, the application will terminate without alerting the user, so the user wouldn’t  know that the program tried to start. The access rights check is in the first part of the code, so it should have little to no effect on system performance.

Application Challenges

As with any application I’ve created, there are some issues before being able to release it to the public. As usual, I am quite honest about my ongoing issues.. So heres my current list:

  • System Resources
    Currently the application is using from 400 to 700 mb of memory which is way too much.
  • Giving the user the ability to see alert details.
  • Giving the user the ability to change alert check timer (default 1 minute)
  • During installation being able to set the management server details
  • During installation being able to set the application to auto start
  • Balloon tooltip when AlertMate changes state, with details on the change
  • A “Thanks to” menu button where I can be able to give credit where its due

Current Feature list

Here is a list with the current features:

  • Full MSI installer with all necessary files
  • Auto shutdown when the user has no access rights in SCOM
  • Icon change when AlertMate state changes
  • Almost Zero configuration (change an entry in the config.ini file)

I might have missed a few features, but this is a rather small application so it is limited what functions I can include.

Expected release date?

I am going to guess that I will be able to make an alpha or even beta release early October! After a few months of beta, I should have had enough time to make the necessary changes for a full release. I will make another post as soon as AlertMate is available to download.

Want to join the project?

If you want to join the project, feel free to let me know. There is no money involved, so don’t expect to get rich from your contribution. I expect anyone applying to contribute to have atleast:

  • An advanced knowledge of SCOM
  • Advanced knowledge of Powershell
  • Knowledge of C#

Any contributers will be mentioned in the full release, with any contact information they want to have mentioned.

Contact me here


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