OpsMgr 2019 – Its ALMOST here!

As of yesterday I heard from the product manager of SCOM 2019, that it will be available in March (Along with the other System Center 2019 products). So we’re really close!

There are alot of feature updates and enhancements for SCOM 2019 including, but not limited to:

  • HTML5 dashboards
  • Linux Log file monitoring
  • Discovery of third-party Linux MPs
  • Enhanced notification & subscription experience
  • Better alert management
  • Removed Silverlight dependencies
  • SQL Server 2017 Support
  • Service Logons enabled
  • VSAE Support for Visual Studio 2017
  • Monitoring Ubuntu 18 & Debian9

There will also be an enhanced Azure Management Pack that will be available for other versions of SCOM aswell.

Upgrade Path

To upgrade directly to SCOM 2019, you can do so from the following versions:

  • SCOM 2016
  • SCOM 1801
  • SCOM 1807

If you are on a lower version, you will need to upgrade to SCOM 2016 first and then upgrade to SCOM 2019.

Earlier in the year, I shared some knowledge about installing SCOM on SQL Server 2017 – So if you run into errors, please check out that blogpost.

Thank you guys, and HAPPY SCOMMING!


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