Get a Monitors alert description – in Powershell

Get a Monitors alert description – in Powershell

I’ve been active in a post on reddit the last couple of days, and I wanted to share my results with you all. The OP wanted to know if it was possible to get an Alert Description, without the alert being created by SCOM.

And of course its possible.

First of all, we need to find the monitor ID – In this example I’ve gone with the ‘AD Site Availability Health Rollup Monitor’

Get-SCOMMonitor -DisplayName 'AD Site Availability Health Rollup Monitor' | select *

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Monitor multiple fileshares (up/down) – With Powershell in SCOM

First of all, its been a while – but I am still here.

We had a VBscript that monitored if our fileshares were up or down, but recently it started to fail – giving false positives. (And we hate that!) So i decided to give it a go with the SquaredUp Community Powershell Monitoring Management Pack. I’ve had this MP in a while, but never really used it so its about time.

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AlertMate, release details and improvements

AlertMate, release details and improvements

A few days ago I wrote a post about a new app in the making. I am now ready to share some more information about a release date and new features. As you can read from the title, I’ve called this app “AlertMate”. Since my post I’ve had a test release sent out to a couple servers who had no links to SCOM other than a SCOM Agent monitoring them..

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Another app in the making….

Another app in the making….

I’ve been quite when it comes to SCOM over the last few months, but since I changed jobs my hands-on have been been limited since I am not the primary SCOM administrator.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been working on a new application. After a talk with a developer who wanted to see (in real time) if the server he was logged onto, had any alerts.

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Knowledge Base results not shown when creating a new Incident

Knowledge Base results not shown when creating a new Incident

Following the new Jakata release I’ve noticied that some instances does not show Knowledge results when opening a new Incident.

The solution is quite simple.

Open the Form Designer, and find the Field (In the Field search bar) Contextual Search Results (formatter). Place this under your description field, and you should be good to go.

On my instance it looks like this:

Note that this error could be an issue created by ServiceNow, and could also be solved by creating a ticket with them.

Hide Price in Service Catalog/Portal

Hide Price in Service Catalog/Portal

As I’ve started to work more and more with ServiceNow, I will use my blog to promote some of the findings that I’ve made during our implementation.

As a demand in our setup, we wanted to hide all prices visible to users. The documentation for Jakata has not been updated, but you can find it here.

Go to your System Properties -> Service Catalog. Then you find the following line:
“When to show prices and sub-totals on the Service Catalog”. If you don’t want any prices shown on the pages, you select “Never show prices”