Job change

Job change

For personal reasons, I resigned my job as System Center Specialist at Athena IT earlier this week. Timing has made it so, that I am able to return to Odense Kommune as early as 1st March. I am returning as Team Coordinator for the “Client & Application team”, working with Microsoft technology including System Center. I would like to thank all my co-workers at Athena for making my time, something that improved me as a professional and as a person. I am looking forward to returning to a workplace where many challenges await, and a place where I’m already an integrated part of the team.

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Operations Manager Failed to Access the Windows Event Log

Over the last few days, I’ve been troubleshooting this error. The event log in this case was “WitnessServiceAdmin”, and having a look at the server I couldn’t find the log anywhere. I could create an override to disable this Monitor, but would I potentially create an overrides that disables critical alerts?  I decided against creating an override, and started to look for a solution/workaround.

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Generate test alert

It’s been done before, but I had trouble finding a “plug & play” solution out there.

This Management Pack allows the SCOM admin/Operator to create a EventID 666 (Windows Computer Task) on the selected Windows Machine – the Event then triggers an Alert in SCOM.

I found this very useful when testing out our new notification script.

Download the MP

This MP is sealed, but I am willing to provide you with the unsealed version if you need to modify it.


SCOM 2016 Scheduled maintenance mode – Powershell Commands

Here is a list of the available Powershell Commands for SCOM 2016’s “Scheduled Maintenance Mode”